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Includes lifetime access to these Masterclasses, Checklists and Downloadables:

  • Day One: Getting Prepared

    Where to find advertised jobs, job alerts, your career objective, getting motivated, setting your routine, preparing your social media profiles, and more!
  • Day Two: Your Resume and Application

    Formatting your resume, information to include, common mistakes, writing a cover letter, how to make an impression, before you apply, and more!
  • Day Three: Interviewing

    How to nail your phone screen, commonly asked interview questions, what to wear, what to ask, common mistakes, what to bring, and more!
  • Day Four: Moving Forward

    What to do if you don't hear back, receiving an offer, negotiating salary, checking the fine print, resignations, preparing for your new role, and more!

Create a stand-out application

We'll share our secrets to finding your next dream job.

Vanessa Fajnkind
CEO + Founder

Vanessa has been working in recruitment for over 20 years, and started Brook Recruitment back in 2006 from her home office. Now the company has grown and works with some of Melbourne's biggest brands in Property, Construction, and Finance.

Vanessa says, "I believe your career is such a huge part of your life.

Besides bringing in an income it also builds friendships and opportunities for you to grow, learn, and flourish. I absolutely love recruitment and helping people coaching and guiding them to find their dream job.

I've put my whole heart into this program for you, and I hope you gain a lot from it. I look forward to seeing you in there!"

Richard Griffin
Senior Property, Construction & Finance Roles

As the newest member of the team, Richard has spent the last 15 years living and breathing the Melbourne Property and Construction industries.

Richard says, "You don't want to look back and say "if only" or "I wish" because your job application, resume, or interview skills made you miss out on the career move of a lifetime! That's why it is vital you put the right amount of focus into your application, resume, cover letter, and personal branding via social media. And it's helping you do this that has quickly become my passion."

Theresa Provost
TEMP, Marketing, Admin & Entry Roles

Theresa (or Reese as she prefers to be called) has moved here from America and brings a unique perspective of what it's like to be a job seeker in a new country .

Reese says, "Once I moved to Australia I was really lost and very unemployed. I've had a lot of negative experiences with recruiters in my job seeing years. I always felt like a number and felt like someone was just ticking boxes. It felt like my career and livelihood was based on it! Now I'm so happy to be sharing my experiences with you so you don't have to have the same story as me."

Lindsey Leigh Hobson
Marketing Manager & Host for the Program

Lindsey Leigh has been in Marketing and Business Development for over 7 years and brings her passion for connecting people with their dreams to the team.

Lindsey says, "The entire process of finding your next job is just like a Marketing funnel including everything from sourcing leads, to advertising yourself, right the way through to sealing the deal in the interview. It's my absolute pleasure to host this program with these experts who genuinely care and want to support you to become employment ready."

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